LRT 622 Recycling plant - trough system

The LRT 622 in trough shape is the perfect recycling plant for high washing capacities of up to 20 m³/h and is characterised by custom configurations.
Output ca. 20 m³/h
Height of solid material discharge 2,000 mm

Technical data

Trough length 6,000 mm
Trough diameter 2,200 mm
Power of mixer main motor 11.0 kW
Height of solid material discharge 2,000 mm
Discharge hopper width 2,000 mm
Large discharge hopper width 3,000 mm
Truck mixer-discharge points 1 - 2
Output ca. 20 m³/h
Size of the residual water basin Project related depending on the number of truck mixers and concrete pumps
Separating cut 0.25 mm
Max. standard grain size 35 mm