LR 1800-1.0 – Strong like a bull!

  • A real power pack!

    With its maximum lifting capacity designed for heavy loads, particularly for jobs in industry.

  • Up, up and away:

    The maximum boom system with a 334 ft / 102 m main boom and 334 ft / 102 m luffing jib delivers a hook height of 663 ft / 202 m.

  • Low cost transport around the world:

    Three lattice sections can be telescoped into each other – to significantly reduce transport costs.

  • Completely flexible:

    Infinite adjustment of the suspended ballast using a V frame, the hydraulically adjustable folding frame.

LR 1800-1.0

Outstanding lifting capacities, whilst also being designed for low cost worldwide transport. That is what the LR 1800-1.0 crawler crane delivers. It has been designed as a particularly powerful industrial crane for jobs with a luffing jib and derrick system for industrial plants, power plant construction and the petrochemicals industry. This crane also has a number of benefits for the erection of wind turbines and for wind farm maintenance work – our 800-tonne crane is currently the most powerful crawler crane on the market even though the basic machine is just 3 metres wide. It is particularly rigid as a result of its increased design height. And what's more, the quick connection to raise the superstructure for transport is standard and simplifies transport enormously.

Max. load capacity 800 t
Max. hoist height 202 m
Max. radius 152 m

Technical data

Max. load capacity 800 t
at radius 9.00 m
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 180 m
Max. load torque 11,200 tm
Derrick boom 39.0 m
Central ballast 90 t
Counterweight at superstructure 230 t
Derrick ballast 400 t
Engine power 455 kW


Ballast systems

Superstructure counterweight [m/t]

Superstructure counterweight brackets with integrated 10 t ballast plate (total: 15 t)

V-frame [m/t]

Optional V-frame for 14 – 23 m derrick counterweight radius

VarioTray [m/t]

400 t derrick counterweight optional VarioTray

Boom/jib combinations

Boom/jib combinations [m/t]


Economic transport worldwide [m/t]


Designed for maximum performance

Designed for maximum performance

Call up video

First job for wind power

First job for wind power

Call up video

“One hundred percent variable”

The new LR 1800-1.0 from Colonia Spezialfahrzeuge from Cologne had to tackle its first job in a wind farm. Around 70 vehicles transported the components for the wind power version of the machine to the site. After around six days, the LR 1800-1.0 towered into the air. Find out more


New crawler crane, new transport concept, new ballasting system, new model designation – and truly powerful as well. Liebherr unveiled the LR 1800-1.0 crawler crane at its customer days in 2018. In its basic configuration, the 800-tonne crane is designed for jobs in industry. Find out more

LR 1800-1.0 tested with 560-tonne test load

Towards the end of November, the LR 1800-1.0 had to prove its strength by hoisting its first large test load as part of the prototype testing procedure. The new crawler crane managed the 560 tonnes on its 84 metre main boom with derrick system using a radius of 12 metres. Find out more