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Scrap handling

Steel-strength power in scrap handling

The handling of scrap steel and other metals is one of the toughest applications in industrial goods handling. Everyday life in a scrap yard is tough, with demanding working conditions characterised by heavy loads, sharp edges and often bulky or long materials. In this environment, safety for both man and machine is extremely important. Liebherr machines not only offer the necessary stability and robustness, but also maximum safety and innovative technologies that optimise the work process in scrap handling. By reliably mastering the tough work processes in scrap yards, they play a key role in the circular economy and help to return valuable resources to the economic cycle. This process plays a key role in conserving additional resources and makes an important contribution to environmental protection.


Requirements in scrap handling

  • Machine availability
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Comfort
  • Flexibility

Machine availability


The reliability of the machines is an important factor for a smooth scrap handling process. Handling machines must be designed to be robust and durable in order to avoid expensive downtimes in this industry and to be able to guarantee continuously high performance and maximum machine availability. Low-wear materials, high-strength sheet steel and quality components are essential to guarantee a long service life and reliable operation, even under the toughest operating conditions.


Safety for man and machine is a top priority, especially in scrap handling. The handling of long steel beams, bulky industrial scrap or wrecked cars with residual fuel already poses a high risk potential in scrap yards. Thanks to good visibility into the working area, various protective equipment such as cab safety guards or impact-resistant laminated safety glass as well as numerous assistance systems, material handlers can contribute to greater safety in everyday working life.


In addition to state-of-the-art sorting and recycling processes, handling machines with environmentally friendly technologies, alternative drive systems and engines with low fuel consumption make a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection. This reduces the ecological footprint. At the same time, energy costs and noise can be reduced.


An ergonomic and modern operator's cab is essential for healthy, focused and productive work. The clear field of vision of the work area, the high level of operating comfort and the intuitive colour touchscreen display ensure the comfort of the machine operator and the performance of his machine.


A high degree of flexibility is required for efficient and economical handling of scrap and recycling material. Frequently changing tasks and a wide variety of materials require the machines to be able to be quickly adapted to the current work requirements.


Diverse applications in scrap handling

Transporting and loading

Transporting and loading steel, metal and iron scrap is one of the main activities in recycling and scrap handling. This includes the efficient loading and unloading of various means of transport such as lorries, ships and wagons as well as in-house transport to processing plants or storage areas.


Sorting the various metals and separating out secondary materials is the basis for recovering high-quality raw materials and returning them to the economic cycle. Efficient sorting processes help to separate out as many recyclable materials as possible and thus conserve natural resources.

Shredding and feeding

Large shredders, scrap shears and presses are used to shred bulky, long and large materials for transport or further processing. Efficient feeding of the systems and high-performance handling machines in shear mode increase productivity in steel scrap recycling and enable the materials to be processed quickly.

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