Liftinghero Austin Schimschat: About gold, whiskey and tower cranes.

"I was born to do this job!"

Austin Schimschat has been a crane operator in Washington for eight years now - following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps. He started as a construction worker in Alaska and, already at the age of 19, he became a full-time crane operator for mobile cranes. With commitment and passion, he succeeded in becoming a crane operator for tower cranes now. What does he like most about his job as a tower crane operator?

"Working at heights and the beautiful views of the Puget Sound of Washington."

His first crane job involved a 316 EC-H raising to a height of more than 150 m. Currently he is working in a 316 EC-H in Seattle where he and his team are building a 7-storey apartment complex.

  • "I like to chase people around with the tag line and test my abilities to be precise",

    jokes Austin. For him, the job of a crane operator means a high responsibility for man and machine and meeting new challenges day after day and lift after lift.

    "Working with good crew members can make an operator's life a breeze up high on cranes",

    Austin praises the well-coordinated work with his team.

  • "Work hard and play harder", is Austin's motto. Alongside his job, he has another great passion that, unlike tower crane operation, does not take place high above but in the water. In his spare time, Austin goes gold digging; for him, this is a possibility to get out in nature and enjoy the adventure.

    "I like the thrill of the chase to find gold!" For relaxation, he also enjoys calm evenings for two with good food and a glass of long-aged whiskey.

    So, if you need insider tips concerning gold digging, whiskey tasting or crane operation, Austin is the right contact person for you.

    Profile Austin

    Name: Austin Schimschat Home: Washington, USA Experience: 8 years Job: Crane operator Slogan: Work hard and play harder.