Diesel particulate filters in the Reman programme

For compliance with the exhaust emissions standards, Liebherr uses SCR technology and exhaust gas filter systems such as POC/DPF (Particle Oxidation Catalyst/Diesel Particle Filter). With the use of a diesel particulate filter, ash inevitably arises during the combustion process. This deposits in the filter over time and gradually reduces the performance of the machine. Apart from the automatic on-board regeneration, this is why the diesel particulate filter must be fired again after certain intervals.

The Liebherr Reman programme offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the new part: A Reman diesel particulate filter replaces the diesel particulate filter.

How does it work?

1. You receive a message in good time before the diesel particulate filter has to be exchanged.

2. Order a replacement filter online via MyLiebherr or directly from your Liebherr service partner.

3. As soon as the part has been delivered, your Liebherr service partner removes the old diesel particulate filter and installs the new component. He confirms the change in the system and the machine is ready to use again.

4. The old diesel particulate filter now makes its way to Ettlingen.

5. In Ettlingen the filter is professionally cleaned and checked and a certificate is issued.

6. The diesel particulate filter is now ready for its next use.



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