What's inside

  • Advanced standardization through modular design

  • Significant fuel savings thanks to an intelligent Liebherr engine control unit (ECU) and the Liebherr common rail 11.5 fuel injection system

  • Higher performance and increased reliability thanks to individual accumulators per injection that improve dynamic response and extend component’s life

  • Reduced crankshaft vibrations thanks to additional support bearings

  • Limited leakage risk and increased safety thanks to metal double-walled pipes and block integrated fluid circuits

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Robust and highly efficient

    The engine architecture and high system integration with all key components developed by Liebherr allow the D9816 to achieve remarkably high efficiency.

Options available for the engine:

  • Air-compressor

  • Air conditioning compressor

  • High Amps alternator

  • LiDIA diagnostic tool

  • Engine Condition monitoring

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