LiUP crane driver elevator for tower cranes

There are already around 30 LiUPs in use in France alone, with more being ordered for delivery this year. That provides plenty of reason for Liebherr to exhibit the crane driver elevator once again at the Intermat.

Our LiUP crane driver elevator is perfectly coordinated to Liebherr tower systems - does not have to be removed during the erection and dismantling of the crane.

The LiUP is powered by a lithium-ion battery with an energy recovery system and is compatible with both the EC and the HC tower system. The elevator can be installed on the inside of the tower. The rails for the crane driver elevator are coordinated to the length of the Liebherr tower sections, only require one-time installation and, if they are installed on the inside of the tower, do not have to be removed for dismantling and assembling the tower crane. New tower systems can be ordered from the factory with or without rails.

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Technical data

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Payload 200 kg / 2 people
Speed up to 25 m/min
integrated in the tower systems 16 EC 160, 16 EC 240, 16 HC 175, 17 HC 200, 21 HC 290, 24 HC 630, 24 HC 1000, 24 HC 1250, 256 HC
Travel height on one battery charge 300 m