Press releases | 05/30/2023 New Liebherr Ship-To-Shore (STS) container crane for PSA Penn Terminals

  • Liebherr has a strong track record of supplying STS cranes to the USA and remains committed to this important market
  • Liebherr's high-quality and secure cranes with local support and data backup systems meet the high standards required by PSA Penn Terminals

Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. is pleased to announce the sale of one Ship-To-Shore (STS) container crane to PSA Penn Terminals in Philadelphia, USA. This crane is a repeat of a previous order for two STS cranes commissioned in 2018. The crane has an outreach of 48 m, a span of 18.288 m, a backreach of 15 m, and a safe working load (SWL) of 66 tonnes. The lift height over rail is 35 m. It is a high-performance crane ideally suited for the demands of modern container terminals.

Two Liebherr STS at PSA Penn Terminals.

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The STS crane is being sold by Liebherr USA Co., a mixed sales and service company for Liebherr Maritime Cranes, which offers local support and proximity to Liebherr customers. Liebherr has a strong track record for the supply of STS cranes to the USA, with over 20 cranes in recent years, demonstrating its commitment to this important market. As a European manufacturer, Liebherr offers high-quality cranes, with multiple security layers and data backup systems that meet the needs of its customers.

Winston Ziegler, Liebherr’s Head of Sales – Maritime Cranes at Liebherr USA Co. said “Liebherr’s expertise in designing and manufacturing STS cranes is unmatched. With this in mind, we are proud to be a trusted supplier to PSA Penn Terminals. Our team in the US provides support through our local Liebherr USA service program, and we are confident that this new crane when it is delivered next year, will help PSA Penn Terminals to continue to meet the needs of its customers with security, efficiency, and reliability. Liebherr have been designing and manufacturing container cranes from our base in Ireland for over fifty years. We leverage the strength of our sister Liebherr companies to manufacture the drive control systems, electronics, and many of the mechanical components.”

Speaking about security of operations, Declan O’Sullivan, General Manager Sales with Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd added, “We understand that security is a top concern for PSA Penn Terminals, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure that our cranes are productive, safe, reliable, and secure and we are confident that this new crane will meet the high standards required.”

PSA Penn Terminals is one of the best-equipped, privately owned multipurpose marine terminals on the US East Coast.

"Having built a reputation as a reliable supplier of container cranes, Liebherr has proven their performance and reliability through the STS cranes we have previously procured from them. As such, we are confident that this new crane will be adequate in meeting our requirements and will help us continue providing exceptional service to our clients." said John Brennan, President, and CEO of PSA Penn Terminals. Mr Brennan continued, "We are pleased to collaborate once more with Liebherr Container Cranes and to have procured another one of their STS cranes for our terminal. This repeat order stands as proof of their product's quality and the robustness of our partnership.

Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd, Liebherr US Co. and Liebherr Maritime Cranes are part of the family owned Liebherr group of companies.


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Trevor O'Donoghue

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