Press releases | 05/21/2014 Liebherr Wheel Loaders at MaskinExpo 2014

  • L 538 with parallel kinematics for standard operation
  • L 566 with Z-kinematics for industrial application
  • Exhibits of the new machine generation

At MaskinExpo 2014, which takes place from May 22 to 24 in Stockholm (Sweden), Liebherr presents the wheel loader L 538 with P-kinematics at its stand. At the demonstration field, Liebherr shows the wheel loader L 566 with Z-kinematics

Liebherr wheel loader L 538 with parallel kinematics during fork handling operation

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Liebherr wheel loader L 566 with Z-kinematics

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Wheel loader L 538

The L 538 wheel loader of the new machine generation presented at the MaskinExpo 2014 achieves a tipping load of 8.560 kg for an operative weight of 13.780 kg. The exhibit is equipped with a 4 m3 light material bucket with quick-hitch and bolt-on cutting edge. Furthermore, the machine is configured with a joystick steering for Grammer operator seat as well as fluff trap and reversible fan drive.

For the all-round loaders of the new generation L 524 to L 542, the tipping loads of the whole range have been increased and the performance and the stability of the machines improved: the engine output as well as the hydraulic system’s performance have been enhanced.

Wheel loader L 566

The L 566 wheel loader exhibited at MaskinExpo 2014 achieves a tipping load of 15.750 kg for an operative weight of 23.150 kg. The exhibit is equipped with a 4 m3 excavation bucket with bolt-on cutting edge and hydraulic quick hitch. The wheel loader with a 6-cylinder diesel engine achieves an output of 190 kW and complies with the emission regulations stage IIIB / Tier 4i. The machine on display is configured with some optional features such as multi-lever control system, joystick steering for Grammer operator seat, automatic central lubrication system as well as load holding valves.

For the wheel loaders models L 566 to L 580 of the IIIB / Tier 4i generation, the diesel engine is mounted lengthways in the rear, with the output shaft facing backwards. An optimum weight distribution is achieved. The diesel engine as well as the variable displacement pumps mounted on the engine act as counterweight, thus allowing higher tipping loads at low operating weight. The compact design also improves visibility in all directions.

LPE driveline boosts performance and economy

For the IIIB generation, Liebherr continues to use hydrostatic drive concept together with another Liebherr development: Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE). This is an electronic mapped-characteristic control system that increases the machine’s handling power and keeps fuel consumption to a minimum. Compared with other machines in similar size categories, the innovative driveline concept cuts fuel consumption by as much as 25%. Less fuel is needed for the same performance, and tyre and brake wear are reduced.

The LPE system influences engine management proactively: the machine’s software receives an electronic accelerator pedal position signal and computes the most efficient way of carrying out the operator’s wishes. LPE optimises interaction of the driveline components in terms of swiftness and sensitive control of the machine.

Exhaust emission control is by means of a diesel oxidation catalytic converter combined with a diesel particulate filter. In most situations, this filter can be actively regenerated by burning off deposits during operation of the machine, and the task in hand continued without interruption.


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