News | 03/16/2023 Liebherr successfully integrates HVAC units in passenger coaches

Liebherr equips each of the 59 railway coaches manufactured by Sung Shin RST for Bangladesh with two roof-mounted HVAC units.

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Andreas Walter, General Manager (left), and Roland Friedrich, Deputy General Manager of Liebherr Transportation Systems (China) Co., Ltd. with an HVAC unit for a passenger railway coach.

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Liebherr Transportation Systems (China) Co., Ltd. and the Korean locomotive and railway car builder Sung Shin Rolling Stock Technology (RST) successfully integrated heating-, ventilation- and air-conditioning (HVAC) units in coaches that will be operated in Bangladesh.

At the beginning of 2022, Liebherr Transportation Systems (China) had received the order for 118 units and in less than six months, the team was able to deliver the first units and perform the First Article Inspection (FAI).

Despite the very short lead-time, Liebherr engineered and tested the customized products with features such as multiple additional redundancy functions to enable high availability in service at all times.

In order to ensure proper operation of the HVAC systems and customer satisfaction, Liebherr provides also additional training to the end customer on the site of Sung Shin RST in Korea.

“Our agile organization has successfully demonstrated the flexibility that our Asian customers, i.e. car builders and operators, require. We are able to offer and supply products in Liebherr top quality, with short lead times and at a reasonable cost level,” explains Roland Friedrich, Deputy General Manager of Liebherr Transportation Systems (China) in charge of Sales and Customer Service.

The Bangladesh project is a cornerstone for Liebherr’s ramp up of engineering, production, and service facilities in Asia to better serve the local transportation industry. Valuing the potential for further growth in Africa, Asia and Pacific regions, the company is currently enlarging the transportation footprint in key markets such as the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and South East Asia by utilizing its already existing Liebherr-Aerospace and Transportation facilities.