Press releases | 05/22/2014 Liebherr A 916 Litronic wheeled excavator at MaskinExpo 2014

  • Above-average high lift capacity and large digging forces deliver extraordinary productivity
  • Main components tested and produced by Liebherr for long service life and maximum machine availability
  • Cab offers machine operators the necessary space and comfort to make optimum use of the machine’s performance

With the A 916 Litronic, Liebherr is presenting a model in its wheeled excavator series at the MaskinExpo 2014. It is the direct successor to the A 316 Litronic and has a service weight, depending on the working equipment fitted, of between 17.0 and 18.1 tonnes.

The A 916 operating on a construction site in Stuttgart

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The A 916 operating with a clamshell

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The A 916 Litronic obtains its power from a new, powerful and highly efficient 110 kW (150 hp) 4-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine with common rail fuel injection. This unit complies with stage IIIB exhaust emission limits by means of an external exhaust gas recirculation system, a maintenance-free oxidating catalytic converter and other associated features. A Liebherr diesel particulate filter is available as an optional extra if the excavator is to operate inside closed buildings.

Greater power output than before is available for road travel, which means better acceleration and higher performance, especially uphill. Like the previous model, the new excavator has an undercarriage of well-proven design with integrated travel drive. This avoids the risk of damage to the drive system.

On the new A 916 Litronic the uppercarriage is locked by means of the integrated swing-gear brake. An external locking pin is no longer available. The correct setting for road travel is indicated by a symbol “travelling position” on the display. Like all models of the latest generation, this wheeled excavator features a new travel drive concept that significantly lowers fuel consumption and improves acceleration, especially uphill. The complete hydraulic system has also been optimised, resulting in more sensitive control response as well as more fuel economy. The latest generation of Liebherr wheeled excavators therefore sets new standards in both performance and fuel economy.

The A 916 Litronic’s fuel tank has been enlarged to 360 litres from the previous model’s 290 litres. Together with enhanced fuel economy this permits considerably longer periods of operation before refuelling. Service accessibility has also been improved on the latest wheeled excavator models. The oil and fuel filters in the engine compartment can be reached from ground level without difficulty. The standard shutoff tap between the hydraulic tank and the hydraulic pump also reduces servicing times and boosts productivity. In the safety area, the new A 916 Litronic has standard white LED side marker lights integrated into the turn-signal indicators and red LED tail-lights. These have a much longer service-life than conventional bulbs and therefore guarantee lower servicing costs.

The A 916 Litronic’s newly developed and well-arranged cabin includes a windshield that can be slid up completely and ergonomically arranged control consoles which move up and down with the seat. The standard operator’s seat is air-sprung and heated, with seat cushion depth and angle adjustment, a lumbar support, a head rest and a lap-type belt.

A rearview camera and pipe-fracture safety valves on the boom and stick cylinders are also standard equipment on the new A 916 Litronic. The maintenance-free support blade with standard load hoalding valves provides the A 916 Litronic with additional stability, which in turn speeds up operation and increases productivity. Also standard equipment: the fully-automatic central lubricating system keeps the machine working fast and productively.

Automatic air conditioning is part of the A 916 Litronic’s high-quality standard specification, and provides the operator with a pleasant working environment that aids concentration on the task in hand. The new excavator can be equipped with an adjustable boom, adjustable- and offset boom, gooseneck boom or horizontally adjustable gooseneck boom.

As an undercarriage option, Liebherr can supply a support blade, two-point outriggers, the two versions combined or four-point outriggers. For the first time, a two-blade support system can also be specified, which opens up new operating scopes. To improve stability when the supports are not in use, an extra-wide (EW) version with broader width is also available.


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