Press releases | 02/13/2024 Always know what’s inside with the fridge camera HNGRYnsite powered by Liebherr

The camera “HNGRYnsite powered by Liebherr” lets you see what’s in your fridge at any time and from any place. Instantly answer the question whether you still have enough of this or that when you’re out shopping. The smart camera and HNGRY app system provide the answer. Fill the gaps in your fridge and avoid buying food you don’t yet need – this useful glimpse is good for the environment as it helps you avoid wasting valuable food. The camera highlights Liebherr’s ability as specialists in refrigeration and freezing to continuously offer the market fresh momentum and offer consumers attractive products, including accessories.

The fridge camera automatically takes a picture of the contents every time the door is closed. The camera is very easy to use and its wide field of vision covers the entire inside of the fridge. All important details are explained in the HNGRY app and the camera can be set up straight away.

All fridges can be smart fridges

The modular camera “HNGRYnsite powered by Liebherr” makes any fridge a smart fridge: It’s suitable for all appliances, regardless of size, age or brand. Only extremely wide appliances, such as French door fridge-freezers may see some limitations. The compact design means that the camera can be placed anywhere and doesn’t take up much room. The battery lasts three months and can be quickly recharged using the USB-C cable included.

No more wasting food by buying too much

Small camera, big impact: Food waste can be avoided by not duplicating purchases in the first place. If you need to, you can check what you still have enough of at home while you’re in the supermarket. The situation changes fast, especially in households with multiple people, so being able to react in effectively real time is a real help.

The fridge camera “HNGRYnsite powered by Liebherr” is available in the Liebherr webshop for €149.90. The shopping and storage app HNGRY is available for iOS and Android, and can be downloaded in the App Store and the Google Play Store.


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