Ivelina Yordanova

“A few years ago, I moved within the Liebherr Group, from Bulgaria to Germany. The change was a big step for me ..." Read more

Ankit Sharma

“As a certification engineer at Liebherr, I travel the world to inspect machines and ..." Read more

Lei Shen

“Whenever friends or acquaintances ask me what I like so much about my job at Liebherr, I say: ..." Read more

Darshan Naganna

“Servus! – That is my favourite word in German. It is how I am greeted each morning when ..." Read more

Lea Ehrhart

“I was aware of Liebherr from an early age because my mother has worked there for more than ..." Read more

Lejla Halilović

“Within the team, we juggle all sorts of different tasks, because we are the key interface between all the various ...” Read more

Ylka Wora

“I like working with different people from different departments, and helping them achieve their professional ...” Read more

Veysel Cilingir

“Liebherr means to me a fantastic image, gigantic great products, stability and a safe job! However, those are not the only ...” Read more

Stephan Schlamminger

“Whoever catches the Liebherr fever will hardly ever get rid of it! I am not the only one, many of us simply have Liebherr ...” Read more

Sarah Böhm

“When I chose to study business informatics, the practical relevance was very important to me. Particularly the ability to ...” Read more

Rodolfo Garcia

“I had just come to Europe from Cuba. In my home country, I simply did not have the career opportunities that I have here. ...” Read more

Ramona Adam-Heinrich

“Liebherr makes it easy to settle in – I really feel part of the big family. This is down to the people and the interesting tasks ...” Read more

Ralf Schörle

“During the last eight years that I have been with Liebherr, the company has increased the number of employees ...” Read more

Pierre Pébereau

“As a young engineering graduate, I started my trainee programme at Liebherr in the Earthmoving Division. The practical phases ...” Read more

Melissa Pabouctsidis

“I got to know Liebherr during my university studies when I was writing my final thesis. This gave me an insight into the ...” Read more

Mariana Pichurova

“Ever since I joined the company in 2008, I have been impressed by the good organization and how well the Group is ...” Read more

Lushka Melina

“At the final inspection, it is my job to carefully examine our products one more time before they enter the market ...” Read more

Jessica Böhm

“I already knew quite early on where I wanted to go once I finished school: Liebherr. The company now offers excellent ...” Read more

Ferdinand Bentele

“I still vividly remember my first day as a trainee. We received a warm welcome and I made friends straight away ...” Read more

Benoit Wirth

“I fulfilled my childhood dream with my apprenticeship at Liebherr. When I was little, I sat on many agricultural and ...” Read more

Arnaud Rosenzwey

“After finishing my studies at an engineering college, there was one main thing I wanted: new challenges in a large ...” Read more

Barbara Aichele

“Especially in the Safety and Reliability Team, that I manage, the day-to-day work involves active responsibility, because a ...” Read more

Rose Kuhn

“When choosing my course of studies a practical element and international opportunities in the company were extremely ...” Read more

Marcel Steinhauser

“I was absolutely thrilled when I received the acceptance for training to become a construction mechanic. I compared ...” Read more

Nadine Schäfer

“At Liebherr, you can really experience a great deal. I love thinking back, for example, to my trial excavating in an A 924 ...” Read more