Weight-optimised equipment

The newly designed equipment for port operation with long reach allows an enormous handling capacity of up to 1,000 tons of material per hour. In addition to reducing the equipment's dead weight, the ERC, stroke and stick cylinders have been adapted to the specific operating conditions.

Gantry portal undercarriage

The new gantry portal undercarriage allows fast and efficient loading and unloading of passing lorries or wagons. Thanks to its modular structure, passage widths of 4.5 to 9.0 metres and passage heights of 5.0 to 6.5 metres can be configured.

Energy Recovery Cylinder (ERC)

The ERC system provides an enormous increase in handling capacity thanks to an additional 178 kW of motor power. In addition, the ERC system allows energy savings of up to 30%, resulting in lower operating costs.

Electric motor

The electric drive concept produces 300 kW of motor power in a low-maintenance, low-noise and environmentally friendly design that is exempt from exhaust gas regulations. The standard frequency inverter protects and extends the service life of the hydraulic drive components by avoiding current peaks when the material handling machine starts up – it also adapts seamlessly to all common power supply networks worldwide.