Made with Liebherr

Imposing structures, engineering and technical masterclasses - wherever things are created, cranes are used. Cranes that move the world. Therefore, we are proud to show you some examples that say: Made with Liebherr!

Cologne Cathedral

High summer 2013 in Cologne – whilst others are on holiday, an LTM 1750-9.1 on the square near the cathedral was busy removing one of the two large hanging scaffolds on the north tower of the cathedral at a height of 100 metres. Not an everyday crane job, since there were quite a few logistical and static engineering challenges involved.



Giant is an understatement – the largest Ferris wheel in the world, the Ain Dubai at a height of 260 metres puts all previous Ferris wheels in the shade. And the largest conventional crawler crane in the world played a major role in its erection – The LR 13000 from Mammoet.

The Ain Dubai giant Ferris wheel

2016 in Dubai: The largest conventional crawler crane in the world, the Liebherr LR 13000, was called on to hoist the hub of the giant wheel on the coast of Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence into the correct position – together with a large stationary crane operated by Mammoet.

As far as the eye can see –and beyond

The AIDAsol provides a special indulgent holiday experience. An LTM 1130-5.1 from Ulferts was involved in completing the cruise liner in 2011.

AIDASol cruise liner

Around 2700 passengers can enjoy a holiday on board the AIDASol. But before the ship could undergo its naming ceremony in Kiel on 9 April 2011, it had taken around three years to build. The final work, such as putting the gangway on board, was completed shortly before the vessel was transferred from the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg to Emden and then on to Kiel. An LTM 1130-5.1 from Ulferts was used for this work.

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