Landing gear testing capabilities

Working on a landing gear test rig

Working on a landing gear test rig

Liebherr operates modern test and support facilities for the development and integration of landing gear systems, subsystems and components.

Advanced in-house testing facilities

The test set-ups and components are designed and built in-house; they are based on the concept of modular test rigs and fixtures, including electronic control and electronic data acquisition.

They fulfill most of the testing requirements, including fatigue, endurance, static strength and environmental testing. Liebherr’s system testing capability includes the integration of subsystem tests, e. g. brake control system.

Liebherr relies on agreements with long-term partners for specific testing facilities such as drop or vibration testing.

Non-destructive testing of a landing gear housing

Non-destructive testing of a landing gear housing

Non-Destructive Testing is Key

The systems and components by Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Lindenberg (Germany) are made of a variety of materials. They undergo a wide range of processes and diverse treatments to meet the high requirements for use in aircraft in terms of density, temperature and pressure. The non-destructive testing methods are certified according to Nadcap, i.e. they meet the strict uniform quality standard worldwide in the aerospace industry.

Non-destructive material testing uses different procedures for materials, geometries, manufacturing processes and requirements before, during and after the production process. Whether plastic, iron, non-ferrous metals or composite materials - the complete variety of product technology is reflected in the knowledge of the required test methods. For all materials and processes, the appropriate tests are carried out quickly, effectively and flexibly, and even the finest pores or material deviations can be detected. In doing so, Liebherr-Aerospace continuously ensures high product quality without destroying the component.

At Liebherr's facility in Lindenberg, the company uses in addition to the seven different standard NDT methods magnetic particle examination, fluorescent penetration test, natal etching process, eddy current testing, visual inspection, ultrasonic, X-ray inspection and special procedures such as the Barkhausen technology and X-ray diffractometry.



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