Our exhibits

Here you can find an overview of our exhibits that we will be presenting to you at EMO in Hanover. Please note that the ChamferCut machine LD 180 C will be on the Fette stand (hall 4, booth E70).

LC 280 α

100 % Liebherr – Short delivery time

The LC 280 α gear hobbing machine is the perfect entry into gear cutting. It offers maximum flexibility thanks to a diverse range of workpieces, wellknown Liebherr quality, and low acquisition cost.

The machine with a new hob head and perfected chip removal is ideal for the supplier business, especially because of the fast delivery time of approx. three months and high productivity. The entry model comes with the touch-based user interface LH Geartec and a ringloader concept for loading and unloading workpieces up to 15 kg.

  • Machining workpieces with max. 280 mm diameter and shafts with a length of up to 500 mm
  • Wet and dry machining possible
  • Dry machining with stainless steel housing available
  • Newly developed and optimized hob head for larger tools in diameter and length

LS 180 E

The fully electronic shaping head

The new LS 180 E gear shaping machine with an electronic shaping head stands out on account of its enormous flexibility. It can machine spur and helical gears in one clamping and is thus capable of shaping several gears on one workpiece.

Thanks to the easy control of the tooth trace modification, different amounts of crown can be manufactured, which makes the machine valuable both to the supplying industry and to the development of prototypes. Thanks to its small installation surface and a maximum stroke speed of 1,500 double strokes, the machine is both productive and easy to integrate into existing production plants.

  • The time-consuming replacement of the mechanical helical guides is omitted
  • Lengthy procurement of new helical guides no longer required
  • The set-up procedure for changing a workpiece is reduced to a minimum
  • Gear shaping of several gears with different helix angles possible in one clamping

LK 300/500

Skiving³: Machine – Tool – Process

In the LK 300 and 500 gear skiving machines, process, tools and machine including tool changer and automation system come from a single source because in skiving³ the delivery of an integrated solution for the customer is of primary interest.

Skiving³ is especially suited for internal gears of medium size and quantity, as it is much faster than shaping and more economical than broaching. The machine can be operated using the touch-based control system LH Geartec.

  • Rigid and robust machine design for the perfect process
  • LH Geartec user interface as standard
  • Ringloader concept for fastest loading on market
  • Plug-in coolant nozzle for optimal coolant supply for each workpiece
  • Available with optional tool changer (up to 12 tools)
  • Multiple clamping concepts available
  • Various external automation systems

LD 180 C

Custom chamfering

The compact stand-alone LD 180 C ChamferCut machine offers the most economical solution for deburring and chamfering. It can be positioned separately from the control cabinet and operated from both sides.

The ChamferCut process provides a very precise chamfer geometry and very long tool life and, compared to other processes, the lowest tool cost per piece. Easy integration into existing production lines thanks to the compact design.

  • Chamfering of workpieces up to a max. workpiece diameter of 180 mm and module 6 mm
  • Maximum required installation surface for the basic machine incl. control cabinet < 2.2 m²
  • Can be combined with different automation concepts
  • Can be retrofitted on existing automation systems
  • Flexible integration thanks to specially developed lift/tilt loader for different lifting positions

CBN Tools

CBN scores with internal gearing

With CBN profile grinding discs, very high process stability meets a large metal removal rate. With two- or three-ribbed grinding discs, the roughing and finishing machining steps can be carried out in one process, which reduces the grinding time significantly.

Most users are in the aerospace industry, but the CBN profile grinding discs are also suitable for the automotive sector and industrial gearbox applications due to their particularly high-quality internal gears and splines.

For each application it is possible to select the appropriate grinding material, because Liebherr provides individual grain sizes for different applications.

Skiving Tools

Skiving instead of broaching

Skiving provides a cost-effective alternative to the broaching and shaping process.

For this purpose, Liebherr has developed special skiving tools that withstand the very high stress in the skiving process, because the tools are made from powder-metallurgical steels, carbide metal or a combination of the two.

Skiving stands out primarily for its high productivity and is suitable for industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace technology and all other applications with planetary gear trains where internal gears are machined in high quantities.