Fuel-Efficient Drive Concepts

Powerful wheel loaders of all size categories make a reliable contribution to commercial success. The low fuel consumption reduces operating costs and increases productivity with high handling capacity. More about Wheel loaders

Wheel loaders

Wheel loader L 538

The high-performance Liebherr wheel loaders are genuine all-rounders. They impress in every field of application due to their great productivity and efficiency, especially for industrial use. Wheel loader L 538

Wheel loaders L 550 XPower and L 586 XPower

XPower is an innovative machine concept which combines performances, fuel efficiency, robustness and comfort. With their power split driveline, XPower wheel loaders work with the greatest level of efficiency in all applications. Wheel loaders L 550 XPower and L 586 XPower

Wheel loader L 550

The innovative Liebherr driveline helps minimize fuel consumption, brake and tire wear. Its excellent handling capacity also help operators cut back on operating costs. Productivity increases with usage. Wheel loader L 550