LR 1500

The LR 1500 crawler crane delivers outstanding load capacities over its entire operating range. It is extremely compact and can be transported anywhere in the world without any restrictions. The overall concept of the LR 1500 is designed for simplicity in all areas and great economy.

  • Overall concept designed for simplicity and economy

    Easy and economical transportable

    Easy to set up

    Easy during crane operation

  • High performance

    Strong lifting capacities over the entire working range

    Long boom systems with and without derrick

    Maximum system length 84 m + 84 m

  • Compact dimensions

    Dimensions and component weights which have previously been standard in the 400-tonne class

    Can be transported cost effectively all over the world

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Max. load capacity 1,102,000 lbs
Max. hoist height 541 ft
Max. radius 472 ft

Compact dimension

Simple crane operations

Closed hydraulic circuits