Telescopic crawler crane

  • Outstanding off road capability and maneuverability

  • "Pick and Carry" - Sensitive driving under full load

  • High safety

LTR 1100

Our LTR 1100 combines the features of our telescopic cranes with those of our crawler cranes. For example, compared to conventional lattice boom crawler cranes with similar engine power, it features a shorter set-up time, easier transport and enormous flexibility in use. The crawler travel gear also delivers outstanding off-road capabilities and you can drive it with a load attached – even on constricted sites or at a lateral angle. The powerful boom has been taken from the telescopic crane and can be extended to any position and lengthened by jibs – to suit your requirements. The LTR 1100 also has great transport features – two standard low loaders are all that are required, and the crane erects itself at the site. That saves time and money.

Max. load capacity 100 t
Telescopic boom 52 m
Max. hoist height 83 m
Max. radius 60 m