Hydraulic pumps and motors

The durable axial piston pumps and motors from Liebherr feature a swashplate design. Thanks to the tough nature for high pressure ranges and optimised degrees of efficiency, they are suitable for use in a wide range of applications.


DMVA double motor 165-165

The DMVA motor with swashplate design can be employed as a single or double motor. Depending on the operational requirement, it can be adapted flexibly to a broad conversion range. It impresses, too, with its high performance and efficiency. DMVA double motors are, for example, used to drive Liebherr travel drives like the FAT 700.

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Design: Falnge mounted variable motor for open and closed circuit
Displacement volume: 167.8 + 167.8 cm3
Nominal torque: 2,297 Nm at 430 bar
Nominal pressure / Max. pressure: 450 / 500 bar
Weight: 152 kg
Applications: Travel drives of mobile machines, rotary heads of drill rigs, winch drives

Axial piston pump DVPVG 085

Thanks to the use of a hydrostatic cradle bearing, the axial piston pumps for the closed circuit even impress with heavy-duty loads with their high reliability and long service life. The adjustability also enables load-independent stability of the driving mechanism.

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Design: Variable pump for closed circuit
Displacement volume: 85.2 cm3
Nominal torque: 583 Nm at 430 bar
Nominal / Max. pressure: 450 / 500 bar
Weight: 61 kg
Applications: Travel drives, slewing drives in mobile and industrial applications, 4 quadrant operation possible


Axial piston pump LH30VO

At Bauma China 2016, Liebherr presents the new medium pressure pump LH30VO for all mobile applications with open circulation. It complements the existing portfolio in the medium pressure pump range.