Fuel consumption - save fuel with Liebherr construction machines

100% output...up to 30% less fuel consumption. Experience just how much fuel you can save.

The fuel saving calculator for Liebherr construction machines

The Liebherr fuel savings calculator for construction machines is a freely available online application that allows users to quickly and easily determine their potential savings when using a Liebherr machine compared to a comparable machine.

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Fuel savings calculator

Fuel savings calculator

Fuel savings calculator

Numerous machine types are already stored. These include wheeled excavators, crawler excavators, wheel loaders, crawler tractors, crawler loaders, reachstackers, crawler cranes, duty cycle crawler cranes and piling and drilling rigs. Data for the material handling machines of the LH series are available in different configurations for the recycling, scrap, forestry and timber industry and the general cargo. It is planned to gradually add more machine types.

By entering your own empirical values, users can also calculate the personal savings potential. The basis for calculation is the average fuel consumption, the operating hours per year and the current fuel price. The system then calculates the fuel savings in euros by comparing the value of the user with the average of all relevant LiDAT machines.

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The Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system

Liebherr's Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system controls all power management processes in the machine. Pro-active intervention in the engine control, change of the swivel angle of the hydraulic pump and adjustment of the engine speed lead to the optimum efficiency of the drive components in every work situation. This is how every drop of fuel gets the maximum amount of work done.

Higher productivity

  • The operating weight is much lower, the tipping load is higher and more material can be moved during each operating hour thanks to the unique driveline concept.
  • Continuously powerful machines due to components specially developed and manufactured by Liebherr.
  • Excellent accessibility for service and maintenance thanks to the unique position of the diesel engine. Easy maintenance saves time and increases the productivity of the machine.

Low operating costs

  • Up to 5 litres reduction in fuel consumption per operating hour results in fuel and cost savings.
  • Reduced brake wear due to the hydraulic braking action of the driveline and thus no wear-induced repairs.
  • The continuous traction control prevents wheel spin and reduces tyre wear by up to 25%.

Durable and efficient

  • The use of in-house produced components guarantees maximum performance.
  • The machines can be used reliably over their entire life cycle thanks to components of the manufacturer’s quality standard.
  • Liebherr wheel loaders satisfy Liebherr’s exacting quality standards in even the toughest conditions.
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LiDAT is a data transmission and positioning system for Liebherr machines and the machines of other manufacturers. LiDAT provides information about the location and operation of the machines. This includes, for example, the position of the machine, periods of operation and use, the fuel consumption, messages about critical operating statuses as well as service interval information.

The fuel consumption values and operating hours shown on this micro site represent an average of the data contained in LiDAT per machine type. Machines with fewer than 100 operating hours or fewer than 100 litres of overall consumption are not taken into account. Crawler tractors are only taken into account from a workload of 70% or more. Crawler cranes, duty cycle crawler cranes as well as piling and drilling rigs are only taken into account from a workload of 10% or more.

The actual consumption of a machine depends on its configuration, the attachments, its technical status, the operating situation, the ground conditions, the driver and many other factors. Deviations from the average consumption shown may be possible as a result and are no indication of a deficiency.

The specified percentage saving relates to the respective predecessor model and can fluctuate upwards due to the aforementioned reasons.

We will supplement the machines shown on a continual basis as soon as a sufficient number of machines are in service in order to provide a meaningful average.

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The database for the fuel savings calculator

The data base for the fuel saving calculator is provided by the Liebherr telematics system LiDAT. Based on live data, the average consumption per hour is calculated for each machine type. The basis for this is the total fuel consumption and the total operating hours. Thus, users can read off the average fuel consumption of all LiDAT-run machines of the desired type.

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100% output...up to 30% less fuel consumption. Experience just how much fuel you can save. Calculate fuel savings now

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Liebherr diesel engines are characterized by their high specific power.

Efficiency+ Fuel savings calculator

Save fuel with Liebherr construction machinery

By entering your own empirical values, users can also calculate the personal savings potential. Calculate

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