LTF 1045-4.1 Truck mounted telescopic crane

Its four-axle standard truck chassis enables the LTF 1045-4.1 to get to the site quickly whilst also delivering a high level of driver comfort. Its long telescopic boom makes it ideal for Assembly prefabricated components. It will handle everyday loads with precision, speed and safety.
Max. load capacity 45 t
Telescopic boom 35 m
Max. hoist height 44 m
Max. radius 42 m
Number of axles 4

Technical data

Max. load capacity 45 t
at radius 2.50 m
Telescopic boom from 10.50 m
Telescopic boom up to 35.00 m
Lattice jib from 9.5 m
Crane engine/make Liebherr
Crane engine 4-Zylinder-Diesel
Crane engine/power 129 kW
Number of axles 4
Total ballast 9.00 t





VarioBase makes the crane’s support system variable. It enables each outrigger to be extended to a different length. This enhances safety – particularly in constricted spaces. And what's more, the crane’s lifting capacities are significantly increased, particularly over the outriggers and depending on the configuration.