HTM 1005 Truck mixer

With the HTM 1005, you can also transport large quantities of concrete safely and efficiently thanks to the increased water capacity yet lower body weight. The innovative platform solution also gives you maximum flexibility with this model when assembling attachments such as tool boxes and extension chutes.
Water capacity 11.30 m³
Geometric drum capacity 17.20 m³

Technical data

Nominal filling * 10 m³
Water capacity ** 11.30 m³
Geometric drum capacity 17.20 m³
Clearance height without frame 2,600 mm
Hopper filling height without frame 2,576 mm
Assembly weight Standard *** 3,890 kg
Assembly weight Lightweight *** 3,495 kg
Nominal filling in compacted mixed concrete.
Measured in accordance with DIN 459-1 at min. 2 drum rotations per minute. The given values for capacity and water volume only apply to a horizontally aligned mixer frame. A deflection of the frame during loading is not taken into account here and may negatively affect the water volume under certain circumstances. The real maximum filling capacity with concrete depends on the consistency and the rheological characteristics of the concrete. The topology of the road and the driveability also influence the maximum loading volume.
Weight details for basic unit with chassis power take-off (PTO), incl. 2 extension chutes, compl. assembled/ready for operation, deviations +/- 5%.