A 914 Compact Litronic

Compact, flexible and efficient: features that perfectly describe the Liebherr A 914 Compact Litronic. Its short rear slewing radius of just 1750 mm means that the A 914 Compact can deliver whenever power and speed are required in a highly restricted area, making it ideal for inner city sites.

With its 105 kW / 143 HP four-cylinder in-line engine with common rail injection and a perfectly designed hydraulic system, the machine operator has everything they need to work with fluent, combined movements.

The engine architecture, injection system and engine controller are tailored to each other to achieve excellent efficiency and low consumption with the Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system being the magic link for greater efficiency with the same power.

To comply with Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards, the A 914 Compact has an innovative emissions treatment system consisting of an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalytic converter system and a diesel oxidation catalytic converter. This achieves a reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOX) of over 90 per cent.

In addition to performance and economy, Liebherr focuses on the safety of personnel and the machine. A number of safety features – such as pipe fracture safety systems, an overload warning device, ROPS protection, folding control consoles and rear and side cameras – are therefore also standard on the A 914 Compact.

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