Slurry wall grab HSG 5-18 C/L

The new hydraulic slurry wall grab is modularly designed and has an extremely robust base body. As the names of the grabs imply, HSG 5-18 C and HSG 5-18 L, slurry walls with thicknesses between 500 and 1,800 mm can be installed, depending on the composition. The term “C” (compact) stands for the compact standard design, while the base body of the “L” (large) version is 2.5 m longer. The resulting total height of the grab (9.5 m) and the high weight with low centre of gravity provide for even better vertical positioning and are especially advantageous when installing larger dimensioned slurry walls. The heavy weight of the grab is viable thanks to the proven synchronisation of the free-fall winches. This means the lifting capacity of the duty cycle crawler crane is optimally utilized.

Bites with lengths of 2,500 - 3,600 mm and maximum depths of 80 m can be excavated with the grab.


  • Alignment of the grab in all directions as well as quick and operator-friendly 180° rotation after each grab cycle thanks to a hydraulic rotating device – further optimization with the optional semi-Kelly guide
  • High closing force of 580 kN on the grab teeth
  • Dead weight can be increased by 7 t when working in difficult ground conditions
  • Video HSG 5-18


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