Press releases | 04/20/2015 Liebherr presents new piling and drilling rig

  • New basic concept of undercarriage, basic machine and kinematics
  • Highly efficient drive system
  • Easy transport and mobilisation

Liebherr presents its brand new LRB 355 piling and drilling rig to the public for the first time during the customer days at its site in Nenzing. The new machine for special deep foundation tasks opens a new dimension in terms of size and performance.

The concept of undercarriage, basic machine and kinematics of the LRB 355 orientates itself on the proven design of Liebherr’s successful series of pure drilling rigs. The robust undercarriage of the rig, with the longest tracks in its class, guarantees a high level of stability. Thanks to the parallel kinematics the piling and drilling rig has a large operating area. Another aspect relates to the direct mounting of all winches on the leader. On the one hand, this allows for a direct view from the operator's cab to the main winch and, on the other hand, ensures that the ropes do not move during leader adjustment.

The optional elevating working platform of the LRB 355 enables safe and easy access to the attachments and to the rotary. This feature is of immense importance for increasing the production efficiency. Additionally, it facilitates the assembly of tools as well as maintenance work at the jobsite.

The LRB 355 is available in two different configurations with a maximum height of 33.5 m and a maximum weight of approximately 100 t without attachments. The rig is driven by a powerful V12 diesel engine offering 600 kW and complying with the European emission standards and the US Tier 4 final. The engine power can optionally be upgraded to 750 kW.

In the design stage special attention was paid to the fuel efficiency of the engine. Hence, the engine runs at a reduced operating speed of 1.700 rpm. In addition, the LRB 355 can optionally be equipped with an automatic engine stop control. Thanks to this feature the piling and drilling rig automatically switches off during longer work breaks, which is both fuel saving and environmentally friendly. Moreover, with the eco silent mode the engine speed can be reduced to a predefined, required level. With this feature a notable reduction in diesel consumption can be achieved without any impact on operational output.

Further major advantages of the new piling and drilling rig are its fast mobilisation and easy transportation. The rig can be transported with the leader, multi sledge and rope still attached to the machine. In order to minimise the transportation length the leader can be folded. In addition, no tools are required for folding the leader and mounting the counterweight.

The LRB 355 has been especially designed for drilling with full displacement tool. The rig can, however, be used for a great number of different applications including drilling with Kelly equipment, double rotary head and continuous flight auger, soil mixing as well as piling jobs with vibrator and hydraulic hammer. For these applications the proven Liebherr attachments are used.

A new attachment is the innovative BAT rotary drive. It offers a torque of 450 kNm and can be individually set up depending on the application. The main advantages of the hydraulic drive manufactured by Liebherr are automated torque adjustment, continuous speed optimization and four electronically adjustable speed ranges. Furthermore, the rotary drive excels with its simple structure, its low maintenance requirements and, above all, its exceptional efficiency.

Like all Liebherr piling and drilling rigs the LRB 355 is also fitted with the proven Litronic control system and thus offers a multitude of programme options for the various drilling methods as well as for clearly displayed information on service requirements and the condition of the machine.

In the field of special deep foundation Liebherr offers a number of different services to assist the customers. These services range from application consulting at the jobsite to simulator training and to the recording, reporting and transferring of machine relevant data. Features such as Liebherr simulators (LiSIM), process data recording and reporting (PDE/PDR) and data transfer system (LiDAT) thus help to increase the efficiency at the jobsite.