News | 01/15/2014 Liebherr and Kamaz sign partnership agreement

Liebherr D936-A7 diesel engine with proprietary common rail injection system and engine control unit

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The Liebherr Group and the Russian company Kamaz OJSC have signed an agreement on developing and manufacturing a series of 6-cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 12 litres. Liebherr will design the engines specifically for the requirements of Kamaz, and will produce four versions, each with a different power output.

The key factors which led to Kamaz choosing Liebherr as its development partner were the state-of-the-art engine concept with an excellent power-to-weight ratio, as well as a convincing strategy for meeting the Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards. To minimise fuel consumption, the engines are equipped with Liebherr common rail injection systems and engine control units. The Liebherr engines will be specially adapted for use in Kamaz trucks and in special vehicles for the oil and gas industry. As well as this, Liebherr will use the engines designed for this partnership as a basis for developing a gas engine for mobile vehicles.

The agreement also includes a complete solution for setting up engine manufacturing and installation facilities, as well as a suitable quality assurance system for production at Kamaz.

This agreement is a sign of the long-standing co-operation between the two companies in various fields. The three vehicles in the Kamaz truck racing team which are equipped with Liebherr engines are a current example of this. They have been performing excellently at the Dakar Rally, which started on 5th January 2014.