Electronic lead guide

On gear shaping machines of the LS series, an electronically-controlled lead guide is possible. This means that procurement costs for different guides and retooling times can be avoided.

Solutions for tight spaces

The machines are used in the manufacture of internal gears or external gears on workpieces with restricted tool overrun where milling is not possible.

Gear shaping machines

Workpiece diameter

Hits 21-27 of 27

LS 600 E

Cutting diameter 600 mm

LS 700 E

Cutting diameter 700 mm

LS 800 E

Cutting diameter 800 mm

LS 1000 E

Cutting diameter 1,000 mm

LS 1400 H

Cutting diameter 1,400 mm

LS 1800 H

Cutting diameter 1,800 mm

LS 2000 H

Cutting diameter 2,000 mm
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