Crane Planner 2.0 - Smart solution for tough lifting challenges

Jobsite installations can be very challenging for planners and engineers. Lack of space, difficult soil conditions or limited crane capacity are all relevant factors. In such situations, Crane Planner 2.0 is the ideal tool for selecting the perfect equipment for the particular application. This not only saves time and money but it also ensures that safety standards for challenging heavy lifts are observed.

New Release 1.2.0

In December 2017 a new release of Liebherr’s unique planning software is available for planners and engineers. This latest version features the following newly available functions:

  • Report Designer for the combination of technical drawings and planning data, converted into a PDF file
  • Forces, angles and lengths of the selected rigging templates are now available in the Rigging Editor
  • Export and import of projects with all data is simplified for joint working on complex projects

Don't forget the free 3-month demo version of the comprehensive engineer licence is still available.

Download new release 1.2.0

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