Flexible module

The modular structure of the robot cell comprises two base modules: supply module and handling module. These can be combined with a customer-specific option and output module.

The hook-ready supply module serves to provide workpieces for the handling module. As a basic version, it is available with two or three areas. On request, we can supplement the module with a moving vision system with operator protection. This enables loading and unloading of the bins while main operation is active. The basic modules can be joined together and enhanced flexibly.

  • Two and three place version

    Two and three place version

  • Provisioning area

    Provisioning area

  • Operator protection

    Operator protection

  • Vision system

    Vision system

  • The Liebherr robot cell is underpinned by the standardised hook-ready handling module.

    This module forms the connecting element between supply and output module. Various loading systems, including control system and user interface, can be integrated in the handling module.

    The handling and supply modules are coupled together via a mechanical and electrical connecting system. Positioning and setting-up of the individual components are made much easier for the customer because of this. Depending on the task, a flexible picker unit is available in sizes ranging from 0 to 5 kg, 5 to 20 kg and 20 to 40 kg. In combination with suitable compensation elements a high availability of the system is guaranteed. If required, the picker units can be supplemented with a 7/8 axis increasing flexibility during picking of the workpieces within the bin. The degree to which the bin is emptied is also optimised.

  • Basic module

    Basic module

  • Robot system

    Robot system

  • Surface portal system

    Surface portal system

  • Picker with compensator unit

    Picker with compensator unit

  • Picker with 7/8 axis

    Picker with 7/8 axis

  • User interface with control system

    User interface with control system

  • To optimise the unloading process from the bin, the workpieces are picked at different positions. These picking positions are not always suitable for final positioning of the workpieces. If necessary, Liebherr can offer suitable options such as intermediate storage areas, repicking stations, positioning devices or detection stations.

  • Intermediate storage

    Intermediate storage

  • Repicking station

    Repicking station

  • The workpieces withdrawn from the bins can be transferred to a wide range of different customer-specific systems. Examples of this are direct loading of a machine tool, handover to a transport system or organised storage in bins further down the line.

  • Direct loading of machine tool

    Direct loading of machine tool

  • Loading transport system

    Loading transport system

  • Loading caged pallet

    Loading caged pallet