Efficient by definition:

The economical gearboxes of the LPI series stand out with maximum torque density

LPI gearbox series: More torque in less installation space

Drive, lift, power: With their maximum torque density, minimum weight and reduced installation space requirements, the LPI-series planetary gearboxes fulfill every need. From the high standardisation of the series, LPI scores with economy and availability. Their high degree of standardisation results in an optimised combination of efficiency and reliability. At the same time, multiple options and equipment possibilities enable flexible adaptation to different applications.

With seven basic gearboxes, the LPI series covers a dynamic torque range from 20,000 Nm to 335,000 Nm. Large customer-specific gearboxes with a maximum torque of 2,300,000 Nm are also available. The gearboxes can be produced with two, three or four stages, with the transmission range extending from 15 to 750. Other gear ratios can be produced on demand.

Your advantages with LIP drives

Save weight

Reduce footprint

Implement electrification

Reduce maintenance

Select field of application - discover new potential

Specifications at a glance

Basic gearboxes

Torque range

Planetary stages

Gear ratio range

Holistic approach: from gear unit to system solution

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