Engineers and customer support specialists working together.

Engineers and customer support specialists working together.

Early start

For us at Liebherr-Aerospace, customer service means more than just MRO. It begins at the earliest possible stage in the specification process: when designing and developing new technologies, our customer support specialists work closely with our engineers to make sure future customers' perspectives are taken into account.

This is the starting point of our Integrated Logistics Support compliance.

Our strengths: experience and innovation

Our customer-oriented approach also enables us to pair experience and innovation in the development process. Our specialists rely on billions of hours of real-life data together with extended testing capabilities within our OE facilities, to develop equipment that is efficient, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.

Combined with our engineers' ingenuity, this knowledge helps us build cutting-edge technologies that optimize the cost of ownership of our systems.

Global service network

Our team of more than 600 support specialists is always available to assist you - whenever you need, wherever you are. Find nearest contact

Technologies for the future

Our high-tech components are not only employed in next generation aircraft, but also in the railway and automotive branches. See technologies for the future page

Test capabilities

We operate several large test facilities that allow us to perform detailed tests and collection of technical data of the products and technologies we produce.