Process mechanic for coating technology

You will supervise and control automated machines that coat metal and other material surfaces. Using different coating technologies, paints, varnishes or plastics are applied to the objects.

Tutorial – checking the quality of a workpiece

Tutorial – checking the quality of a workpiece

As a process mechanic for coating technology, you will plan and coordinate the coating process as well the upstream and downstream manufacturing processes, including pre-treatment and post-treatment of the uncoated and coated surfaces. At the same time, you will supervise and service the corresponding equipment, machinery and systems. Your role also includes taking environmental aspects into account in all phases of the manufacturing process, and handling of operating materials and hazardous substances correctly to safeguard the environment. Once you have coated the parts, you will check the results, record and document the measured values, and assure the quality of the produced surfaces via systematic defect analysis.

At a glance

Duration: 3 years

Requirements: good high school / secondary school leaving certificate, preferably intermediate level education

Interests and talents

  • Interest in science subjects
  • Good spatial perception
  • Good manual skills
  • Good sense for colors
  • Ability to think and act in an environmentally conscious, responsible way
  • Team player
  • Precise and careful way of working

Professional development opportunities

  • Foreman
  • Technician
  • University studies


Manfred Wanitschke

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