For business partners who do not have their own EDI system, there is an option of receiving and sending messages via WebEDI. The technical prerequisite for this is simply an internet connection.

The advantages to business partners of the Liebherr Group are as follows:

  • No investment costs / free to use
  • Automatic email notification when new messages are received
  • One single login procedure for business processes of the Liebherr Group
  • Standardized handling routines for all companies of the Group
  • Documents are downloaded in CSV format for automated further processing

WebEDI login

Note: To view the training documents, the Macromedia Flash plug-in must be installed on your computer. Click here to download it:

EDI support center

All EDI processes of the Group are co-ordinated centrally by the EDI-Team of Liebherr-IT Services GmbH. You can contact the Support Center on workdays from 8am – 5pm.

+49 7354 80-6003
[email protected]

Training documents

The following interactive training documents are available for an explanation of how the WebEDI system is used: