Mobile Cranes

In 2015 Liebherr’s turnover from mobile and crawler cranes was 2,159 million €. Despite the absence of upward movement in the mobile cranes market, the division’s turnover rose by 167 million € or 8.4 %.

Development on the world market for mobile cranes was at the same level in 2015 as in the previous year. Liebherr mobile cranes were primarily in demand for projects in the energy sector, the petrochemical industry and for infrastructural work.

In the Far East region, the division’s business year was extremely satisfactory, with significant increases in turnover especially in Asia. Sales revenues from the Near and Middle East rose too.

In Western Europe, the division’s turnover developed positively, with especially positive results in Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. Turnover in America was slightly below the previous year’s figure. In Canada, in particular, there was a drop in turnover. Sales revenue from Russia declined noticeably.

Sales of used Liebherr cranes reached a distinctly higher volume compared to the previous year. Demand for new machines was also stronger, and turnover from spare parts also grew slightly.

The world market for telescopic and lattice boom cranes stagnated in 2015. This was reflected in the division’s order situation. The strongest demand for all-terrain cranes was in the four- and five-axle categories.

The division’s share of the world market for all-terrain cranes was above 50 % and Liebherr was one of the three highest-volume manufacturers of lattice boom crawler cranes. The LTC 1050-3.1 and uprated LR 1750 cranes reached the market. At the Customer Days in Ehingen, Germany, the 250-tonne LTM 1250-5.1, the most powerful five-axle mobile crane on the market, and the LR 1500 crawler crane were presented for the first time. The LR 1500 can lift loads in the 500-tonne crawler crane class over its entire working range, yet its dimensions and component weights are what would previously have been expected in the 400-tonne class. Priorities during the development of this crane were easy operation in all work areas and economy. A new eight-axle crane is ready for its market launch.

Among the crawler cranes with a load capacity up to 300 tonnes, the LR 1100 was an important new model. This crane, in the 100-tonne class, has a new steel structure, a swing ballast option and a 230-kW Liebherr diesel engine that complies with Level IV / Tier 4f exhaust emission limits.

Last year, the division again enlarged its product programme. An important step forward, applicable to many crane types, was compliance with Level IV / Tier 4f exhaust emission limits of diesel engines. Work also continued on software for planning the use of machines on construction sites. The development department examined the basic functions needed to display the site environment as a graphic user interface. Parallel to this, a technological analysis for simulation software was undertaken with cloud distribution and the recording of actual environmental data as its topics. Liebherr announced two new operator assistance systems, the “Vertical Line Finder“ and the “Horizontal Load Path“. These systems make the crane operator’s work easier.

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH cooperated with Dresden University of Technology on the development of a hydraulic cylinder made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, and with the Group’s earthmoving division on a new controlsystem computer.

Liebherr’s investments in Ehingen, Germany, and Nenzing, Austria, were primarily in machines and plant. To further improve the support offered to mobile and crawler crane customers in South America, Liebherr Colombia SAS opened a new sales and service branch in Bogotá, Colombia, in April 2015; it also oversees the market in neighbouring Ecuador.

In 2016 the division’s turnover is expected to be almost equal to the previous year’s figure.

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