LTM 1095-5.1 - Always ready for the next job.

  • Mobile and economical:

    This mobile crane’s features include being compact, manoeuvrable and lightweight.

  • Reaches into the sky:

    The maximum hoist height of this 5-axle crane is 82 m with the folding jib attached.

  • A great view:

    The operator can set up the crane in his direct line of sight using the BTT remote control.

  • Lower fuel consumption:

    ECOmode makes fuel savings of up to 10% possible.

  • Optional VarioBase®:

    The prize-winning VarioBase® support system is available as an option to enhance safety.

LTM 1095-5.1

The LTM 1095-5.1 is impressive due to its flexibility and how quickly it can be readied for use. It can carry the majority of its ballast on public roads. That means it can be set up quickly on site, making it ready for any hoist. A number of functional lattice extensions for the long telescopic boom increase the uses of this crane exponentially.

Max. load capacity 95 t
Telescopic boom 58 m
Max. hoist height 82 m
Max. radius 60 m
Number of axles 5

Technical data

Max. load capacity 95 t
at radius 3.00 m
Telescopic boom from 12.50 m
Telescopic boom up to 58.00 m
Lattice jib from 2.50 m
Lattice jib up to 26.00 m
Drive engine/make Liebherr
Drive engine 6-Zylinder-Diesel
Drive engine/power 370 kW
Number of axles 5
Crane engine/make Liebherr
Crane engine 4-Zylinder-Diesel
Crane engine/power 129 kW
Drive/Steering standard 10 x 6 x 10
Drive/Steering option 10 x 8 x 10
Driving speed 85.00 km/h
Total ballast 23.00 t


Group of Liebherr cranes hoists roof construction:

Just the arrival of the fleet of six LTM mobile cranes and support vehicles at dawn was a very imposing spectacle. The group included the latest addition to the yellow and red crane fleet, a Liebherr LTM 1095-5.1. The ballast slabs for the five-axle crane had been delivered straight to the site from the Liebherr plant in Ehingen. Find out more

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