LRS 645

The LRS 645 offers an unrivalled reach thanks to its arched, telescopic boom. Aside from a stack height of six containers in the first row, the unique boom concept also simplifies handling in the rear rows. In addition, the reachstacker from Liebherr is also suitable for loading and unloading containers below ground level without auxiliary aids.

Stacking capacity 6 Container
Total length 12.50 m
Engine power 270 kW


Single wheel drive

Shear forces are reduced with the single-wheel drive. This results in lower tyre wear and makes possible narrow radii.

Ergonomic cab

The comfortable cab with its ergonomic design eases the burden on the operator. Optimal view with the high proportion of glass in the cab increases safety in the terminal.

Curved boom

The curved and telescopic boom offers unique advantages in container handling. For a container stack (four rows high, three rows deep), the LRS 645 is able to lift the top container in the second row.

Glass fibre reinforced plastic

The panelling of the LRS 645 is made from glass fibre reinforced plastic. The advantages include low weight and high resistance to rust.

Hydrostatic drive

The tried-and-tested hydrostatic drive enables continuous acceleration for enhanced driving comfort. It also ensures energy recovery for increased efficiency.

Joystick control

Relaxed driving with Drive-by-Wire: The joystick control of the LRS 645 relieves the strain on the operator's back, thus ensuring longer performance.

The control system of our Reachstacker, which was developed by Liebherr, focuses on precision, safety and productivity. Obtain a detailed overview here.


The LRS 645 is equipped with a six-cylinder engine. The powerful drive delivers 270 kW.

Like all maritime cranes from Liebherr, our Reachstacker can rely on a dense service network worldwide. This ensures short downtimes and a quick response.

We have optimised the design of our Reachstacker for quick and simple servicing. All relevant parts are easily accessible, for short downtimes.

Technical data

Stacking capacity 6 Container
Engine power 270 kW
Driving speed unloaded 25 km/h
Driving speed rated load 20 km/h
Weight Toplift 71 t
Weight Intermodal 75 t
Lifting capacity max. 45 t
Mobility rubber tyred
Fields of application Stacking
Total length 12.50 m
Width 4.50 m
Height 5.82 m
Wheel base 6.50 m
Swing radius 9.83 m
Fuel tank 600.00 l


Optional equipment

Supporting pads

Optional supporting pads increase the load capacity of the Reachstacker when lifting heavy loads.

Camera system

Optional cameras at the boom and rear of the Reachstacker facilitate handling and increase safety at the terminal grounds.

Load display

Freight under control: The weight under the load suspension device is automatically calculated and displayed on the monitor in the cab.

Fleet management

LiDAT supplies information about localisation, as well as detailed data about operation of the Reachstacker. more

System-supported load path

The guarantee of a precise horizontal and vertical load path facilitates container handling for enhanced productivity in the terminal.

Central lubrication

The central lubrication system requires less maintenance. Relevant Reachstacker parts are automatically and independently lubricated by electric pumps.