Gear hobbing machine LC 180 DC

The established LC 180 DC with integrated ChamferCut unit is a very compact gear hobbing machine. This integrated automation solution enables hobbing and simultaneous chamfering of workpieces with a maximum diameter of 180 mm and a module of 3.5 mm.

Gear hobbing machine LC 300 DC

With the LC 300 DC gear hobbing machine workpieces with a maximum diameter of 300 mm can be produced very economically, with a high gear cutting quality and precise chamfer quality. Workpieces up to module 6.5 mm can be hobbed and simultaneously chamfered.

Chamfering machines LD 180 C and LD 300 C

The LD 180 C and LD 300 C are compact stand-alone machines whose main task is the chamfering of gears. They can be integrated easily, quickly and cost-effectively into all existing production/manufacturing lines.

Chamfering in the work area

The classic ChamferCut process with the chamfer cutters on the hob arbor can be retrofitted on all existing Liebherr gear hobbing machines with Siemens 840 D control and higher.