Precision work

The standard joysticks with proportional control and the outstanding sensitivity of the hydraulic system allows rapid and accurate work even during parallel and overlapped movements. The machine operator can quickly carry out the most demanding tasks not only at reduced speed, but even when the machine is running at maximum power.

Fuel efficiency and exhaust treatment

The Liebherr D924 diesel engine conserves the environment and its resources alike, due to its low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. For the Tier 4f exhaust stage, Liebherr relies on an innovative SCR system consisting of an SCR catalyst system and additional components such as injectors and AdBlue® supply. This permits a 91 percent reduction in nitrous oxide (NOX). That effectively reduces the system's exhaust gas emissions with no performance penalty.

Top performance

The intelligent structure of the uppercarriage and the separate bearings of the hoist cylinders ensure outstanding lift capacity. The MODE switch can easily be used to adjust the machine's speed to different applications. Permanently high digging force and breakout forces, even in hard soils, permit even faster results.

Comfortable cab

The modern Liebherr operator's cab, with a standard air-suspended operator’s seat with seat heating and automatic air-conditioning, provides a comfortable atmosphere, setting the best possible conditions for healthy, concentrated and productive work. The ergonomically located control elements with the touch screen display also simplify the operation of the wheeled excavator. The extensive safety equipment includes the standard rollover protection (ROPS) of the cabin.

Service-oriented machine design

The service-optimized machine concept guarantees short maintenance times and reduces with this saving of time the incurring maintenance costs. All service items are comfortably accessible from the ground, and due to the large and wide opening service doors easy to reach. The improved service concept concentrates single maintenance points, so reducing them to a minimum. Service work can be done even faster and more efficient.