Proven crane model - on the market since 2005: For more than ten years, the LTR 1100 is now on available and more than 300 units are delivered. Operating all over the world, this crawler crane convinces with a high reliability in different applications even under harsh conditions.

Crane superstructure: main components same as LTM-cranes. Using the proven components of the well-known LTM mobile cranes, the LTR 1100 persuades customers worldwide. The drive components for the crane operation are designed for high performance and provide sensitive and precise load handling. Key-components are manufactured in-house, like the 4 cylinder crane engine, a Liebherr turbo diesel 129 kW / 175 HP engine with optimized full consumption by electronic engine management. The proven LICCON computer system takes care about the SPS-crane control. The planetary gearbox is manufactured by Liebherr as well as the winches with its 88 kN rope pull at the outer layer.