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Press releases | 05/28/2021

Liebherr expands portfolio with series-production range for piston accumulators

With an additional series-production range in the Components product segment, Liebherr now also offers piston accumulators. These can be used either as a single solution, or in conjunction with other hydraulic components as a system. Within the production range, a multitude of options is available for a wide variety of applications. Find out more

News | 05/25/2021

Electronics Manufacturing Services at Liebherr: a look behind the scenes

Learning and growing are constant processes, and this applies to our Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH has made the EMS service, that already exists for its sister companies, also available to our external customers. In an interview with our managing director, Jan Uhlig, we have found out, what lies exactly behind this and what advantages it brings with it. Look at his exciting insights behind the scenes of Liebherr EMS for yourselves. Find out more

News | 05/19/2021

Liebherr - a reliable partner for fuel injection solutions in the U.S.A.

Last year, Liebherr USA, Co. celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since half a century, the Liebherr Group is well known as a manufacturer of high-quality construction machinery and off-highway applications. However, did you know that Liebherr also develops and manufactures diesel fuel injection systems? In an interview, Paul Mercurio, Sales Manager for diesel fuel injection equipment at Liebherr USA, Co., speaks about Liebherr common rail systems and gives insights into the technology, his daily business in the US and the challenges he and the Components’ team are facing day by day. Find out more

Press releases | 04/20/2021

Signed and sealed – Liebherr to kick off assembly of hydraulic cylinders in China

With an assembly line in China, Liebherr is expanding its capacity for the production of hydraulic cylinders in the Components Division. These are destined for the Chinese market and can from now on be manufactured directly in Asia. Find out more

News | 04/13/2021

Like a racing car, only a little bigger

Saving weight helps sports and racing cars to achieve maximum power and performance. It might almost sound strange to talk about this with regard to snow groomers, track-driven commercial vehicles and bulldozers. Yet, there are still similarities. The Liebherr LPI gearbox series make a clear contribution to it. Find out more

News | 04/12/2021

Beyond borders: services for the wind industry

Russia has made significant progress in the generation of wind power in recent years, although largely unnoticed. When the Russian government decided to increasingly promote renewable energy in 2017, new opportunities opened up for wind turbine manufacturers. At that time, the share of wind energy in Russia made up 0.02 % of the overall energy consumption. By 2035, the Russian Ministry of Energy is aiming to further expand wind energy capacity to nine gigawatts - enough to supply around eight million households. In order to build wind turbines in Russia, manufacturers must meet the requirements for local production, which serve to strengthen the local labour market. Find out more

Press releases | 04/07/2021

LiView position transducer in the new crawler loader generation

LiView, the intelligent position transducer for hydraulic cylinders, allows for reliable control of the bucket in the new Liebherr LR 636 G8 crawler loader using precise measurement data – even under the most demanding conditions. Find out more

News | 02/03/2021

Liebherr advances into new dimensions with the world's largest slewing drive units

Liebherr delivers the world's largest worm-driven slewing drive units in the world for an innovative sailing system by eConowind. Inspired by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Liebherr customer eConowind develops an innovative sailing system that is intended to revolutionise commercial shipping. Up to 40 metres in hight, futuristic metal sails serve as propulsion support for cargo ships. The world’s largest slewing drive units turn these huge sails. Using wind power in this way, fuel costs in shipping can be reduced by up to 20 percent. This is a breakthrough for the industry and an important step towards a more economical and ecological shipping. Find out more

Press releases | 01/27/2021

CLAAS relies on Liebherr IoT gateways

CLAAS, one of the world's leading agricultural machinery manufacturers, places its trust in the Liebherr Group in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). Combine harvesters, tractors and other machines made by CLAAS are connected thanks to IoT gateways from Liebherr. The high-performance gateways form a reliable interface for CLAAS' digital services, such as data management and precision farming. Find out more

News | 01/21/2021

Liebherr honoured with the SDEC 2020 Excellent Development Award

Shanghai Diesel, one of the leading engine manufacturers in China, honours Liebherr with an award for the outstanding performance in the development and integration of diesel fuel injection systems. Find out more

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