Safety Award for LTI Free Period

Geraint Lenegan (HSE Advisor, Perth branch) accepting the award.

Geraint Lenegan (HSE Advisor, Perth branch) accepting the award.

Liebherr-Australia is pleased to announce that our Perth mining branch has received a prestigious Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention (IFAP) Gold Safety Award for the fourth consecutive year!

This award was achieved following a minimum of six months LTI free period, attaining previously nominated safety KPIs and following an independent safety audit conducted by IFAP.

Although the award only required six months LTI free to achieve the award, the branch actually has attained an outstanding eighteen months.

Geraint Lenegan (HSE Advisor, Perth branch) stated that his personal goal was to achieve a fifth consecutive year Gold Award which will automatically lead to the pinnacle safety award: Platinum.

Geraint’s perspective was that although the awards were recognition of outstanding safety efforts by branch mining personnel, the achievement to him represented employees going home safe to their families at the end of the day.