The modular maintenance range for multiple tine grabs

Liebherr provides a modular maintenance range for a wide range of multitine grabs to ensure that your grab operates reliably at all times. This range comprises three different kits, each of which consists of multiple, predefined parts. You can benefit from the features of these kits the next time you need them:

  • Help to ensure that grabs retain their maximum capacity, as ongoing developments and all product improvements are automatically included in the kit parts
  • Fast, straightforward, easy ordering as all the relevant parts in each kit are grouped under a single part number
  • Great transparency and security for financial planning thanks to the clear, modular fixed prices in addition to the price benefits compared to ordering products separately.

The maintenance range for multi tine grabs sees Liebherr offering everything from a single source for even greater convenience. Order straight from your local Liebherr service partner. They will be happy to advise you if you have any other questions about your specific application.

  • Seal kit

    Seal kit


    The seal kit is the perfect choice if there are leaks from your cylinder.


    With a single order number, you can obtain all the seals and screws you require for the specific cylinder. This enables you to carry out repairs safely and efficiently.

    Available for: GM 64, GM 65, GM 69, GM 70C

  • Cylinder kit

    Cylinder kit


    The cylinder kit is the perfect choice if the piston rod on your multi tine grab is damaged or the bore is deformed.


    - Supplied ready-assembled, saving you time and simplifying the repair work

    - Replacement is possible without removing the cylinder in full, ensuring efficient, safe repairs

    Available for: GM 64, GM 65, GM 69, GM 70C

  • Wear parts kit

    Wear parts kit


    Our grabs are designed for intensive use, however, nothing lasts forever. The wear parts kit contains everything you require to ensure that you can continue to depend on the grab’s full capacity.


    - No short cuts. A single order number enables you to order all the wear parts you require for effective refurbishment.

    Available for: GM 55B, GM 64, GM 65, GM 69, GM 70C, GM 80, GM 120

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