Enhanced performance

With the new 120 kW / 163 hp (ISO 9249) construction machine engine, the new A 922 Rail delivers higher working speeds and smooth operation. For better performance in handling attachments, the delivery rate of the proven dual variable displacement pump (with independent control circuits) was increased to 2 x 220 l/min (2 x 58 gpm). In addition, the performance can also be used as usual as the sum of both hydraulic circuits. The heavy counterweight was also redesigned to yield the best bearing load values with improved weight distribution and more compact rear dimensions (2.000 mm (6’7” ft in) rear swivel radius).

Liebherr undercarriage

Customization is part of our product philosophy. The A 922 Rail offers various undercarriage versions with different track widths and rail wheels, which make it possible to use tracks worldwide. An independent variable displacement pump for the rail undercarriage provides the best traction and safe propulsion at all times. Standard integrated brakes in the rail wheel shorten the braking distance, which enhances safety.

Safety systems directly from the manufacturer

In addition to the basic unit and safety undercarriage, Liebherr also offers its own safety systems. We guarantee our customers will receive full support. Liebherr is a reliable partner on the construction site. The safety technologies include load torque, height and sway limitation and the virtual wall. The machine operators can always rely on their machine and completely focus on the work.

Liebherr double cab - User friendliness and comfort

The spacious double cab with its modern interior design and standard roll over protective structure (ROPS) offers the best conditions for comfortable, focused and productive work. Entry lighting eases the access to both seats. The generous use of glass combined with standard rear and side cameras provide an exceptional view of the working area. The touchscreen color display as well as the other control elements on the console and the comfort operator's seat are ideally and ergonomically coordinated with each other, forming a perfect unit. Take a seat and let us convince you.

Improved component layout

The service-oriented machine design of the A 922 Rail guarantees short maintenance times and minimizes the maintenance costs incurred thanks to the time savings. All maintenance points are easily accessible from the ground. With the new generation, the accessibility to important components is even further improved. Air, oil and fuel filters, the main battery switch, the lubricating grease zerk for the oscillating axle and the pilot valves for emergency actuation are much easier to access.



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