High flexibility during grinding

Liebherr offers the LCS and LGG series for hard fine machining of gear wheels and splined shafts with an optimum machine concept.

Customer at the heart

For our customers, short machining times or the highest levels of accuracy are very important. The optimum machine concept from Liebherr is versatile in its arrangement and very productive. Liebherr Aerospace manufactures highly precise and safety critical aerospace parts using the gear grinding machine LGG 280 by Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH.

4 seconds chip-to-chip

The new machine of the LGG series is available in two versions. We combine short grinding times with consistently high quality in high-volume operations, which is made possible by the single table solution.

Gear generating and profile grinding machines

Workpiece diameter

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LGG 180

Workpiece diameter 180 mm

LGG 280

Workpiece diameter 280 mm

LGG 400 M

Workpiece diameter 400 mm

LCS 200

Workpiece diameter 200 mm

LCS 300

Workpiece diameter 300 mm

LCS 380

Workpiece diameter 380 mm

LCS 500

Workpiece diameter 500 mm

LCS 600

Workpiece diameter 600 mm

LCS 700

Workpiece diameter 700 mm

LCS 1000

Workpiece diameter 1,000 mm
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