Innovative leader concept

The modern concept of the new fixed leader enables an extremely diverse range of applications and thus covers some of the most common deep foundation processes. In addition to piling work with a hammer or a vibrator, these include drilling operations with continuous flight auger or down-the-hole hammer, as well as diverse procedures for soil improvement such as soil mixing and cutter soil mixing.

High stability

A high degree of stability is ensured through the lattice boom design and also by the fact that the kicker is secured via supporting tubes at the boom head.

Easy assembly

The leader elements of the LRH 600 impress with easy and quick assembly by means of pin connections.

Compensating cylinders

Two compensating cylinders ensure that the leader always remains parallel to the uppercarriage, so providing maximum torque transmission. Inclination and radius can be adjusted using another pair of cylinders.

High working length and inclination

With a fixed leader the LRH 600 achieves an effective working length of 51 m and a maximum radius of 15 m. Thanks to the clever leader kinematics inclinations of up to 14° backwards and 9.5° forwards are possible. The pull force extends to roughly 120 t.