Crane bestseller as carrier machine

With the LR 1300, the most popular Liebherr crawler crane in the 300-tonne category is used as a carrier machine. The crane is powered by a 390 kW / 530 hp Liebherr diesel engine. A significant advantage is its quick transport. The innovative self-loading and self-assembly system, consisting of four fold-out jack-up cylinders on the undercarriage, an assembly cylinder in the A-frame for unloading, as well as two counterweight cylinders at the rear of the basic machine, make a huge contribution here. Cost-effective transportation of the LR 1300 on standard low-loaders is possible thanks to the maximum transport width of 3 m.

With only a slight modification both the LR 1300 and the duty cycle crawler crane HS 895 HD can be used as a basic machine. Owing to their high engine power, the hammer can be operated directly from the on-board hydraulic system, thus no additional power pack is required.

  • LRH 600 with the powerful HS 895 HD duty cycle crawler crane as carrier machine

  • LRH 600 with the bestselling model LR 1300 crawler crane as carrier machine

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