LSC 8-18

Slurry wall cutter


Make way!

Rock up to 120 MPa

Each cutter wheel is driven with 110 kNm and is designed for even the toughest of tasks.

Thanks to the quick installation system the cutter wheels can be easily exchanged.

Hose drum system

DS 110 T

The system is designed for a maximum working depth of 110 m. It can also be equipped for reduced working depths providing a huge advantage for transport and assembly.

An additional diesel tank (500 l) in the hose drum carrier frame of the duty cycle crawler crane increases the total volume to 1270 l and enables the longest possible self-sufficient operation.

Like a hot knife through butter

The innovative slurry wall cutter from Liebherr

Cutter wheel drive

Torque: 110 kNm

Bite lengths

2800/3200 mm

Slurry wall thickness

800-1800 mm

Max. working depths

110 m

Operating weight

29-46 t

Verticality assistant

Transparency & quality assurance

The assistance system is fully integrated for monitoring and logging the cutting process.

Cutting reports for complete documentation, traceability and transparency at the construction site can be created at the push of a button.

Everything under control

Turning device

The slurry wall cutter is fitted with a hydraulic turning device, which enables the continuous alignment of the slurry wall cutter in the trench. This means all possible working positions are covered.

Steering flaps

Twelve independently controllable steering flaps correct the cutting direction, and the actual position of the flaps is displayed in real time on the monitor in the operator's cab.

More deep foundation applications



Pile grab

Soil compaction

Tamper weight


Fixed leader


Swinging leader

Pay per use