Safety features

Special attention was paid to the optimization of performance and safety. The uppercarriage is fitted with railings, walkways and pedestals ensuring safety on the jobsite. The access ladder is integrated into the superstructure design.

Fuel-saving engine

Fitted with diesel engines of the latest generation, the HS 8130 HD works with lowered engine speed. This results in a further reduction of fuel consumption and an increase in efficiency. The hydraulic system has been optimized and so the machine achieves a higher material handling capacity than its predecessor despite lower engine power.

Easy transportation and fast set-up

The HS 8130 HD can be transported with the railings, walkways and pedestals fully assembled on the uppercarriage. This accelerates the mobilization of the crane on the jobsite. The undercarriage has been enlarged for the requirements of the US market, thus lowering the ground pressure of the crawlers as well as increasing the lifting capacities.

Further features that facilitate the mobilization are the self-assembly system for crawlers and counterweight as well as the telescopic jack-up system.

Deep foundation machines

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